Tuesday, May 3, 2011

30 Days Of Challenge - Day Three - May 3rd

Today I woke up with wide eyes and inspiration and after my uncontrollable nap I felt the ease of a warm day slow me down while I had to gather my thoughts and my supplies and spent the night instead working on my projects. Ah hurrah for sleeping with the air-con on and waking up with a headache from a coughing fit.


I seemed to hit a hot spot late last night when I should have been sleeping. An Idea came to me, like it always does when I was reading and I had to stop to note it down. I got stuck into it, and managed to write a fair amount before we went for a walk and after [ at midnight mind you] and then this morning, even though I didn’t feel inspired I got stuck straight into writing and I managed a fairly impressive word count of 2385 words, which brings the total to – 4375 words.

While the morning is young as I write this, I decided to journal about the moment and set myself a goal for the rest of today in regards to my writing. That goal is to reach 5k. Which will be the hallway mark for my goal in as little as three days, I am insane. It goes to show the proof of what a writing schedule can do. [More about Time to Write Later]

Total word count after a day of writing: 5066 words. I am now more than halfway from finishing my goal.


Nothing but blue skies, and sunshine. It was a glorious day and I spent the better half of it sitting in my study. I didn’t mind so much. When we finally did go down town we opted for the quickest way there and home seeing as we had a few things to carry. If it wasn’t for the remembered Juice and Milk we would have spent the last 15 minutes walking home, thus we’ll have to make up for it with an evening stroll- hopefully sometime after dinner.

It’s day three, and I suppose it takes a few more pushes for me to get to where I really need to be, or maybe it’s I need less ready cash to tempt me into allowing myself to make the easiest choice. This weight isn’t going to walk itself of. I need to stop making darn excuses.


I must admit I haven’t been too excited about facing my desk today, I always procrastinate before I am about to finish a project, but I can happily say that I have finished my mini paper bag album for my father. I really hope he likes it. It is simple, and I did mostly use old photos and scrap paper, but it is the thought that counts.

You can find my video of the album through this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y7rs5PqVJ4

I also made a trip down to my local scrapbooking shop today as well to pick up a few more bits and bobs to finish of my pages. I ended up picking up more than I intended to, but got what I came for and finished my [Poor Wet Baby Sandy] Layout, which I am happy with. Not as happy as I want to be since my style is still limiting me to the basics, but I guess I need to expand a little and get looking at some different techniques.

All I have to do now is add the finishing touches to the birthday card that will accompany the mini-album and I have a handmade birthday present filled with love.


I got a few pages of Time to Write finished early this morning before I started writing and I do plan on reading a little more before the night is done. Along with this I made up for the pages I didn’t read last night of Voices on the Waves, and I probably will have to do the same tomorrow. I don’t mind so much though as I have only 200 more pages to read and am well on my way to being ahead of schedule.

I really want to get some more of the Van Allen Legacy read so I might read a few pages of that while I settle into a relaxing evening and take a break from Voices on the Waves.

Home Made Cooking:

Thus concluded our humble staple diet for another week, as tomorrow is pay day and we can go searching for a fresh and ample supply of vegetables and fruit. Not to mention delicious meat and tasty breads in many kinds. The Joy of food shopping and leafing through recipe magazine for the next fortnight’s menu gives me so much joy and reminds me of how important a good home cooked meal is, even if like tonight it was a tad fatty.

No, we didn’t batter own fish, but instead opted for a simple and affective meal of Vegetable Mince Curry [said to be powerful for clearing out ones sinus, something Daniel and I could both use] With a side dish of Cauliflower. [Yum]

The recipe is simple. Add Mince and garlic together and cook until brown. Add three table spoons of curry powder and however much BBQ you like.

While that is cooking heat up some mixed frozen vegies, or in my case just peas and when cooked stir together with the BBQ mince. Serve with salad, in a roll or even with different vegetables. Quick, easy and delicious.

In the coming days I shall share with you the recipes I try first hand from the magazines Daniel is currently looking at.

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