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30 Days Of Challenge - Day One- May1st

1st of May 2011 ,

Some people find first days of a challenge to be the hardest, but I always find them the easiest. I step into the day with high aspirations and excitement, knowing at the end of the month and even the day I have achieved something within myself.

Today was one of those lousy autumn days where the sun plays hide and seek and all I wanted to do was crawl up and stay in bed. Given I had a cold anyway that would have been the wisest choice, but when have I ever made a wise choice when I could be doing the things I love, after all night time is for sleeping [chumps].

However I threw back the covers and filled up the kettle, deciding no matter what order I chose to experience my five things, that I was going to fill my day, afternoon and evening with passions that make me happy.

For those of you knew to this challenge you can find out all about it via this link to my youtube channel. It tells you what I am embarking on for the next 30 days in May, with the 31st being a wrap up day. But for a quick run down, this journal including entries, links and photos is going to be my one stop passion shop where I document and hopefully create a [GOOD] new habit – taking time for myself.

Through the next 30 days I will be attempting to include 30 minutes of each of the following activities into my daily life regardless of what is happening and who decides to drop in for a cuppa.

· Reading

· Writing

· Cooking

· Creating

· Exercising

You can follow along with me and do these to if you are the creative type, but if not then you can pick one or three or even five things you love to do that make you happy and do the challenge along with me- I always love a good challenge- don’t you?


Ever since I receive the ebook copy of Voices on the Waves by Jessica Chambers for her Blog Tour Review I had been petrified I won’t get it finished on time. I had avoided starting it out of fear, but as its May I have this half of the month to get stuck into it and I had a marvellous idea how to tackle such a long ebook in small chunks so that I wasn’t procrastinating about finishing it, and could still enjoy reading the other books I have on my bedside table.

I figured I would read the book for an hour every night before bed. It gave me a chance to be relaxed and unwind while making a dint in it. Seeing as it is an ebook I can manage 20-50 pages a night and with near to 350 pages I can have it finished within a fortnight. Leaving the last few days before its due to worry if I will finish it or not [laughs]

Voices On The Waves:

You to can employ this tip to helping you overcome a large book.

So far I am enjoying the story and because I am stressing less, keeping notes while I write and reading it in small chunks thus far is proving affective. Like any challenge somewhat of a schedule or routine helps to complete larger goals.

Speaking of which, very briefly, I am reading Time to Write by and I am find it hard to put down. I am getting so inspired that when the ideas start coming to write, I just want to keep on reading and I am learning so much. I will be sure to share with the things I have learned as I incorporate it into my writing in the next 29 days, but if you are a writer stressing about time, please pick up this book. It is freaking fantastic.

Time To Write :

I’m also reading The Van Alen Legacy by Melissa De La Cruz, but haven’t made much of a dint in it today.


Today was a marvellous day for writing, even though my poor love was sick it gave me time to write while he was sleeping and write up a storm I did. I am currently participating in an online challenge called the DCBB [DeanCasBigBang] for Supernatural fans.


The aim here for the next month is to get as much of my goal [10k] written and I have made a great impact with a wordcount of 1438. My goal is to be writing 500-1000 words each day even when I have a busy day or a lazy day, but if I write more like I did today there shall be cause to celebrate and fill my shopping trolley with chocolates and post-it notes.

Home Made Cooking

I got way to distracted at dinner tonight crafting and kinda singed the potatoes. But I made seasoned chicken and we had roast potatoes with it. Pretty basic. Daniel was feeling a little sick so I didn’t want to over feed him.


I am going to admit that I wasn’t as excited to try crafting tonight. I have been feeling a little out of sorts with my card making and scrapbooking lately. I miss being able to spend time with friends and scrapbook [I did this during high school and my grades suffered somewhat but it was worth it] I cannot wait till this coming Friday when I can be around fellow scrapbookers and even do a spot of shopping- [HAUL ALERT]

But when I finally got to my craft table and turned on some music [Birds of Tokyo] I was able to settle in and really get stuck into the project I am making to my papi for his birthday which is May 12th, but he’s coming over to my house this coming Wednesday and I really want to give him an early present in case I can’t make it.

I am proud of my progress and after an hour sifting through my spare stash, gluing, cutting and organizing this is two of the pages I finished. I am in love with the cover. Ah my glue gun is a pain the ass, but I gotta love the job it does and how easy and simple it looks.

P.S Will post pictures when my computer wants to be nice.


This goal is no doubt going to be the hardest. Since putting on more weight I have avoided walking since I really hate getting sore muscles and I had opted for catching taxi’s everywhere and today was no different, however we did manage to walk through town and usually it takes 10-15 minutes there and back. I am still not too happy with myself, but I did have a great day and I am hoping I can convince my sick love to take a walk in a few hours for another 10-15 minutes so I can be sated that I really did go for a walk.

I have a delicious Chicken focaccia to walk off from lunch. Oh this is going to be hard, but I am sure I can do it. I just have to change my mindset and maybe start walking alone early in the morning while people where in bed. It certainly worked two years ago when I first met my partner and we weren’t living together.

I am proud of today’s small success.

So remember guys feel good- live good and follow your passions. ~Blair

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