Wednesday, May 11, 2011

30 Days Of Challenge - Day Ten & Eleven- May 10th & 11th

Some days are better than others. Cold mornings sitting next to the heater while sipping on a hot peppermint chocolate, with a good book in lap. While others are bitter, with a headache from the nights rough sleep and then a horrid cough that makes you want to sleep all day. Then there are those that despite all this some productivity come from it.

Two layouts later [which I will be posting pictures of when I get home] and many youtube videos later and I am proud to say that I have found a new love for learning how to use paper as an embellishment and a background for my photos. Add to this a few shopping trips on online stores, you’ve got yourself a burned out scrapper and a half empty bank account.

Never to worry though, while I am vacating at my mother’s house, I am still using the time I have to pick up techniques, get inspiration and still spend time catching up on some reading.

So while I may not be on a productive surge, I am getting the rest I need and still doing what I can to challenge myself. It may seem I am slipping a little, but I can always pick myself up and get back on the challenge train.

In the meantime I plan to do what’s best for my health and take this time to relax, and rejuvenate even though this cold seems to come and go.

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