Wednesday, May 4, 2011

30 Days Of Challenge - Day Four- May 4th

I took a grace period today since I have been doing a lot of creating. I did take some time for myself by cooking a lovely dinner of Beef Ravioli with mini Brussels sprouts and tasty cheese and I also spent some time reading and working on what I want to work on for the next few days [creative wise] The night is still young so I plan on getting a few things done of each of my activities and having an early night.

It’s been a strange day, I woke up to find my book soaked in water so I had to wait for it to dry and by the time it dried it tormented me enough to go shopping after we paid the bills and spent the most we ever had on groceries [ah the joys of recipe cooking. So expensive], which gave me the idea much later during the day to counter-act a few of my challenges together and create a Recipe Mini-Album. So I just had to go to my local scrapbooking store to stock up on some new papers, an album and more goodies. When I left the store I had spent more than I intended to, but I don’t regret any purchases.

My father also paid us a visit today and it was good to catch up with him and chat, because I don’t often get the chance to travel there [though I really should] he appreciated the gifts I made for him and the little box I brought him from the bookshop a few months back. Seeing his face and his appreciating was all worth it. I should have really snapped a few pics. [But I never think like that]

Anyhow, I am not stressing to much about taking a day away from writing. I think I needed it to clear my head [even though my head is spinning with this horrendous dry cough that causes a headache] still I will get back into it tomorrow and Friday I will be going to my writing class.

So I will leave you with these pictures of my scrapping expedition. Sorry they aren’t the best quality.

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