Saturday, May 7, 2011

30 Days Of Challenge - Day Six- May 6th

Today was one of those creative days where regardless I had to get myself out of bed because I had been looking forward to going to my favourite classes for weeks. And I think I did pretty well considering I got less than four hours sleep.

I didn’t spend much of the day ticking of all the items on my five check list pointers. But I did complete them all, even the one of exercising for at least half an hour [although I cannot go walking for too long in this cold weather due to the fever that keeps coming back.]

I enjoyed the challenge in writing class, where we looked at the Hero’s Journey and analysed it using the synopsis of Casablanca [ a movie I have never seen, but am curious to even though it is a classic. I have to admit it was really hard and until we got in to a group discussion my brain didn’t click onto the storyline and I found myself picking out certain things and having a good time looking outside the circle.

After that I spent a few hours in bed relaxing. I am pretty weak at the moment and am making every attempt to challenge myself and keep on track. Sometimes though I don’t know when to stop and take a moment to rest, and I really feel it in the nigh time and I didn’t want that to be the case when I went to scrapbooking.

When I got there I downed a mother [energy drink] and really got stuck into the challenge we were set. I loved the kit that we got, as I have been contemplating doing a few projects with the BO Bunny Time Piece Range. I also got a packet of Prima Flowers [drools] and some extra bits and pieces as well. Let me tell you I am loving getting stuck into techniques and I got to try some pretty snazzy ones tonight.

From embossing [?] sanding, curling, cutting, gluing and scoring I am so pleased with my layout so far. I also LOVED making the Tim Holts Flowers from book paper and I cannot wait to get stuck into making some more for different projects and layouts.

And inspiration – God…. I am so inspired even now. I have so many ideas for layouts and with my new tools and pretty collection of papers and embellishments to add to my ever overflowing slash, I am so excited to be able to spend mother’s day [hopefully] scrapping with my mum.

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