Sunday, May 22, 2011

22 Days Off Me - 30 Days off Challenge, Drawing to and end early

My challenge has ended a bit short to the end of the month, but I am not to disappointed. In fact I have achieved quite a lot. From mastering new recipes, starting a new short story, finishing many projects and layouts and having a blast creating and growing and most importantly doing something I love.

I realized as the approach of my new course was drawing closer that I needed not to stress, but to wind down and appreciate the time I have, for I am going to love it more come study and work [I know I will get a work towards a career by starting to work towards my dreams.

I am looking forward to packing a notepad in my handbag to jot down the experience and bringing the camera to capture candid every day moments and milestones as I journey towards my goals in life, because I also learned that while it is great to take time for myself, there needs to be a balance to appreciate it more.

Meanwhile...I have been rather busy with...layouts...and random doobies and a mini album... and I will show you some progress photos now. I am still working on the album but I created a page with the scraps left over and the many photos that still remained. It was going to be along the lines of a Gothic poser page but I decided to document me at 17.

Oh and I have two projects I hope to share pictures with later as well.

xx Blair

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