Friday, January 21, 2011

Creative Journaling Prompt Challenge:

This year I have set myself many challenges reading wise that you can find on my separate blog : However this blog will cover the other aspects of my creative life. Some of those include; Craft, Cooking, Writing, Photography and Films [I am learning the last two] I have also included Health & Beauty because despite not being a huge fan of cosmetics [due to my skin condition] I would like to review any products that I to help give you a broader perspective of opinions in ever theme I will cover.

If you are interested in taking my One Recipe a Week Challenge you can find the link here: [ I have started, but haven’t posted many of my recipes. I hope to change this during February]

I urge you to follow alone with my in my two greatest challenges this year – Journaling and Art Journaling. Both have different aspects but are creative in their own ways. While I have been a Journalist most of my life [no not an actual journalist- though that was one of my dream jobs and still is] When my life took a turn I decided not to turn to my best friend, for fear that someone would read what I was writing [like my mum and friends – which might I add they did]

This year I really hope to find my passion again for writing and journaling and I will be sharing my progress along with tips, prompts, photographs and mini challenges you can try yourself. Oh, and not only will I be sharing all this and my writing journal, but I will be taking the challenge to start an Art Journal [Something that scares me seriously] While I am a scrapbooker and avid crafter, the thought of a blank sketch book makes me cringe- however it is time to step outside of my comfort zone and really expand my mind.

You may find links to any films that I make. I will be putting a link of my youtube channel on the side borders somewhere so that if you would love to share in responding to topics of hauls then you sure can and make sure to leave me a comment. I live for your comments [laughs]

I hope you find something that inspires you. As this is my wish. I love to share and I love to be inspired. I look forward to opening your creativity as well as mine.

Blair xoxo [so Gossip Girlish]

P.S I would like meet Bobbie the Sheep.

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  1. What a great idea!!! I look forward to hearing how you get on with this.. :-)