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Creative Every Week : Febuary [1]

[My perfect Day ]


[Mmm crafty]

[My favorite experimental Photograph]

[ A card I made from the scrap stash]

This month has been a funny one. I have spent so much of my time worrying about getting into the course I want and trying to find a job to make other people I have completely forgot to focus on what makes me happy and what I want to do with my life, not just to earn money, but to follow my passions, dreams and make my future what I want it to be.

While it has taken me this long, with a little help from Jack Foster [How To Get Ideas] I had a revelation and a complete turn in my mind. I decided to follow one of many ideas and bits of advice and get up off my ass. I have to do something with my life, and not because that is what everyone expects or because I have bills to pay, but for me and no one else. I really don’t want to spend the rest of my life in a room, in a cubical, or waiting for people to help me when they can’t even help themselves. I want to help and share and grown and nature and create.

I thought I would share with you what I have been working on in the past few days alone. Some are prompts for journaling, others writing in general and I have included some photographs I have taken of my art journal and scrapbooking as well as my favorites from my trip to ‘Bunning’s Hard-wear’ store. I would have included some pictures of the meals I have made this week, but I was to lazy [shames] next week. There is always next week. Or [ TODAY].


Quotes from ‘How To Get Ideas’ Jack Foster.

‘The more you do, the more you do. The Less you do, the less you do. Work creates work. Effort creates effort. And ideas create ideas.’

‘You know it’s true. One weekend you make a list of things you want to get done around the house and all of a sudden you get busy, and you discover that you’ve got a lot of things to do and you get them done. Another weekend you sit on your ass and watch the world go by and don’t do a damn thing.’

‘In case of EMERGENCY- 1. Grab your coat. 2. Get your hat. 3. Leave your worries on the doorstep. 4. Direct your feet to the sunny side of the street.’


Journaling prompts & Writing Prompts – Inspired by - & [February Journaling Challenge.]

The following are the ones I completed. For the full list of challenges please click on these links. Both sites are beyond brilliant and inspiring. With this challenge you will never run out of ideas and you can start anywhere. I did.

. Who would you like to meet and why? Example – Anne Frank: She inspires me to write and to continue to follow my dreams and passion for a non-society controlled life.

.Dreams and Aspirations: Right now what do you want to do? What are you waiting for? Are these reasons really more important than my dreams?

.A Perfect Solitary day: What's your perfect solitary day? Or go wild, and create a fictional one.


Writing Prompt: Inspired by Bonni Goldberg’s – Room To Write [book]

This week: Dive into writing by choosing one of the following words that have more than one meaning: bear, cleave, lie, sewer, tear, or desert. Start by copying the word quickly and without stopping for any reason, continue writing until you reach the end of the page. Making sense is unimportant. Your goals are speed and endurance. If you get stuck, repeat whatever word you have just written until something new spills. After you finish read the results. Don’t forget to breathe, and try not to tense up your hand. Ready, set, go…

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